We Are a Wonderful
We carry out work and worker safety of all our employees to the highest point and carry out activities in accordance with environmentally friendly and ecological concepts in an immaculate environment with a humanist philosophy.

Our chief value is the people who make up our company, and we believe that each of our members, whatever their role, makes a difference.

We look to the future with confidence with the feeling of a big family, with the awareness of doing the best for our country and so the world.


Decorative Papers

HPL/CPL, Door face, Particleboard and MDF, Parquet


Finish Foils

Profile / Skirting / Frame and frame foils


Paintable And Painted Foils

Pre-impregnated films suitable for post-painting.


Technical Papers

Overlay, Kraft, Raw decor paper, Pre-impregnated papers

Our Company.
We were established in 1999 as the first producer of Turkey in our sector having 2 factories in Istanbul with a prodution area of 10.000m2 and a capacity of 5 million m2/month with 50 workers.

Our production range consists of Finish Foil, PP Foil, (Poly Proplene) High Gloss Pet Foil, Papet, (Pet Coated Paper) Flexible Melamined Foil, Melamine Impregnation, Malemine Edge Band, Post Impregnatied Door Foil, Melamine Surface for door skins.

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